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субота, 1 березня 2008 р.

Heads or tails? You choose

by N. Senko
Have you watched the ceremony of giving Oscars? No? You should. You should watch it at least because of the film “No country for old man” directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. It got four statues. And believe me it is worth of it.
“No country for old man” is based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. The title of this film was taken from the first line of the poem “Sailing to Byzantium” by William B. Yeats (1865 – 1939). This film is a story about three men.
One of them – Llewelyn Moss – finds a lot of dead bodies and a bag with 2 million dollars in it in the desert. He takes this bag and it is his mistake because this is mafia’s money.
Second of them – Anton Chigurh – professional killer sent to take this money back by mafia. Anton is a really crazy man who kills not only for money but for pleasure. He kills almost everyone who he meets. Often about someone’s life decides a coin dropped by Anton. He gives a “chance” for his victims to choose heads or tails. He has his own plan to keep this money for himself. That is why Anton kills even the mafia’s boss who hired him.
And the third of them – Ed T. Bell – a sheriff of small provincial town where Llewelyn lives. He is an old man who is going to retire. He tries to catch Anton and safe Llewelyn’s life but is not succeeded in it.
“No country for old man” is a film with pretty cruel scenes. You will not find great love, brave sheriffs or policemen, noble heroes. This is simply a piece of life which overfly by us during two hours. Dialogs do not have any philosophic meaning. They are just conversations of simple people. There is not much music in this film and it makes the impression of reality like you are watching a documentary film. At first it is pretty hard to understand the item of the film but then you understand this is an idea of the authors.
This film does not have any weak sides. At least I have not found them. The acting, the script and the production seems to be perfect.“No country for old man” is a film which you can watch several times and the more you watch it the more you understand it and like it. You really must watch it.

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